Monday Bus Knitting


This is my boyfriend sweater. Yes, I know about ‘The Curse’, every knitters knows the “Sweater Curse”. For those that are unaware it’s the breakup that occurs when a knitter makes, then gives a hand made sweater to a significant other (usually a boy/girl friend). Sometimes the gentle click of the casting on is enough to start the knell of the relationship, othersflounder after the sweater is received.

I met Mr Glam in February 2005 and in February 2006 I went away to work for a month on North Uist in the Western Isles. He asked me to knit him a sweater, full of cables and aran and lovely and everything marvellous and I thought that this time apart would be the perfect time to make the start. I bought the best wool from ebay – 10 skeins of wonderfully soft Bluefaced Leicester. It was delivered to the house in Scotland we were staying and I didn’t make a start. The wool came back down with me and went through two house moves staying in the bag it came in.

Fast forward to October 2013. Yep, that’s it seven years later. I had decided to make a serious attempt to sort my stash and came across the lovely BFL at the bottom of a bin bag. Mr Glam, who knows about the Sweater Curse, wondered if I was ever going to knit him the sweater. My reasons for not are not at all connected to the worry that it will end our relationship. It’s mostly because I’m lazy and easily distracted and am not great at finishing things. Starting comes easy but finishing is a completely different matter.

But started I have. It’s a free cabled, top down pattern from the wonderful Tin Can Knits called Flax but I have added the cables pattern in from Olwen by AndreSue Knits o give it some interest. It was meant to be Mr Glam’s birthday present at the end of November but I got overwhelmed with NaNoWriMO so it’s now likely to to turn out to be his Giftmas present instead.

So this is my bus knitting project for the while. It’s getting a bit big to handle on the bus but I ridiculously proud to have done this much and am not distracted by other things (just yet).


About glamgirlknits

I knit and sew and do a bit of gardening and a bit of running and some exercise and a bit of writing and a bit of cooking and a bit of eating and lots of talking. I also have a shop on etsy selling vintage knitting patterns
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2 Responses to Monday Bus Knitting

  1. Ooh, love the complicated cables. I hope your fellow bus passengers were suitably admiring. (And I hope it doesn’t scupper your relationship.)

    • I had a lady tell me yesterday that I wasn’t holding my wool properly. On a cable row I pick up and drop the yarn as I come to the cables. She said that I would ruin the tension and should not every drop the wool. I just smiled and carried on with my ‘incorrect’ method

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